"Your opinions of yourself are what matters most"

Cherie Tan


“Stay hungry. Work Smart. Hustle.”

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"There are two categories that people generally fall in to: the ones who think online businesses are ridiculously easy to start and run, and the other group of people who think it's the complete opposite: online businesses are too complicated and requires too much effort upfront to start.

Neither are correct - it falls in a nice, sweet spot: between the two ends of the spectrum.

An online business, no matter how easy it seems or attractive the #laptopLifestyle may be, is still a business after all. You need to work smart, and work hard. And, as difficult as it may seem to build and run, it's not actually that complicated. You just need the right person to guide you, and the right team to build the online business ecosystem for you."

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"Education is one of the most interesting industries for innovation, no matter how slow the adoption rate is. With the advancements of technology, quality education can be more accessible. This is I want to achieve with Weevur, a platform designed to facilitate knowledge and skills exchange: Close the widening education gap around the world."

“I like helping people”

I enjoy creating value for my community and people. From free guides on how you can start and run your very first WordPress website, to weekly blog articles, you’ll find something for yourself here.

I’m working with Babes Pregnancy Support Centre. Find out more here.

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Ready, Fire, Aim

“Ready, Fire, Aim!” is a concept championed by Paul McCarthy and Michael Masterson. What does it mean for an entrepreneur? Find out more.

Three Things I’ve Learnt Working Remotely

To most people, working remotely is a dream lifestyle. Here are some important lessons I’ve learnt working remotely which you may find really useful!

Hard-Selling Is Dead – On Starting Your Online Business

Hard-Selling Is Dead – On Starting Your Online Business | Cherie Tan

Sustainable Entrepreneurship Means Taking Care of Your Health of Mind and Body

As an entrepreneur, your health and wellness has priority in your life. Don’t wait until you’re falling at the seams before doing something about it.

Don’t quit your 9–5 the second you find passion in doing something else

You need far more than passion in entrepreneurship – resilience and grace under pressure, and so much more. Don’t quit your 9-5 yet.

5 Advice You Should Read If You Want To Become Your Own Boss

Become your own boss today. Here are 5 pieces of advice to help you transition smoothly into your freelance gig or business idea!



Start your Freelance Career or Digital Agency with No Experience, Services or Products to Sell!

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Get Free Guides, Inspiration, and Tips On Starting Online Businesses!

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