Women have increasingly taken upon themselves promising new roles in our society. The stark differences in the views of most women today about work and career pleasantly surprises me each time I speak with a millennial woman about her financial plans and goals. Often career-driven and purpose-driven, these women are embracing new responsibilities, without compromising their innate nurturer / care-taker characteristics that the female species are blessed with. This is not possible without the males in the workforce actively taking part in households and sharing the responsibilities that once belonged solely to women.

As our women flourish in the new age, we also begin to value the importance of independence. This sense of independence boosts esteem, and it is one of the driving factors that has shaped how we look at our roles and responsibilities today. To achieve such independence requires thoughtful planning and execution, and although a lot of us take pride in our innate capabilities to multitask efficiently while balancing sound personal and household finances, humans are also prone to being blind-sided and biased.

One of the observations I’ve made when working on the financial plans with women of all walks of life are is the misconception that there is a one-sized-fits-all financial and empowerment plan for women.

As the female species, our thought processes and emotions differ slightly from the males. This often results in making vastly different choices compared to our male counterparts when facing the same situation. A classic example: in a situation of danger, women express tendencies to seek measures to provide safety and security, while males express tendencies that reflect the desire to remove or at the very least diminish the source of the threat. Moreover, each woman’s upbringing and personal experiences shape their thought processes and ultimately the choices they end up making.

Given the different financial responsibilities of her household and of her own, and that each woman’s characteristics and goals for herself and her family differ so greatly one woman to another, it is suffice to therefore conclude that the umbrella term “women empowerment” and the “women empowerment” thought bubbles, workshops and events needs to be scrutinised, or at the very least, analysed carefully. In terms of financial planning, financial plans ought to be carefully crafted and curated to meet her individual needs. Awareness of this matter will help her discern generic advice from what is truly beneficial to her, likely motivate her to seek personalised advice to review and bolster her own financial plans, and ultimately find comfort in knowing what exactly she could do that truly sets herself on the right path towards her goals.

Posted by:Cherie

Financial Planner and Tech Consultant