Instead of striving to be on Forbes 30 under 30 or curate the sexiest Instagram feed, I strive to remind you that your life has more to it than validating your existence with likes, media coverage, and online stardom. I block cheesy motivational Twitter and Instagram accounts, if you don’t already know what kind of person I am.

Instead of a cheesy personal new year’s resolution we all know that you and I will never even remember after your second hangover this year, here are some practical tips to help you start your year on a better note:

  • Achieve your dreams, by dreaming small. Feel good about it.
  • Want a good relationship? Date yourself first.
  • Want to feel less anxious about your finances? Speak to someone who actually has control over their finances.
  • “Fake it till you make it” ain’t going to get you far. It won’t bring you inner peace. Strive to be real and accept that you are flawed.
  • Everyone has flaws – you’re not special. Get over yourself.
  • Drama is fun, but when you’re ready for reality, let yourself know by quitting it for good.
  • What doesn’t kill you doesn’t make you stronger, so don’t YOLO important decisions in life.

Life is short. We live, we die. If we’re lucky, we get some good shopping, good friends, and good times in between. Instead of wasting your time capturing these moments on Instagram, capture these memories with your mind and your heart. You don’t need to share these precious moments with your viewers. Immerse and indulge in these precious moments wholeheartedly.

Posted by:Cherie

Financial Planner and Tech Consultant