Self-worth will overcome your net-worth.

As many of you savvy, financially-literate millennials have done, I’m certain, I’ve separated my assets and liabilities into two different columns. Two separate columns which I review every morning.

For most of us, this process allows us to catch our breaths once we saw just how much (or how little) our net worth was.

For some of us, that sheet would reflect that we were worth nothing. All the late nights burned away trying to reach out to cold leads, new social media followers, fine-tuning retargeting ads and publishing new blog posts gone wasted, clearly did not increase our financial assets as much as we would have liked it to. According to that basic personal balance sheet, we might feel like we’re worth less than nothing — especially if we’re $5000, $10,000, or more, in debt.

Feelings of hopelessness and dejection start creeping up at this point. And this is the moment you need to be fully conscious and aware of, a moment you need to embrace, take the reins, and steer your focus back.

It is the moment that will decide if today is going to be a make-or-break for you. Trust me when I say, one too many “breaks” will leave you feeling permanently chipped (or at least, for a very, very long time). These chips can hurt you, because they leave you more susceptible and vulnerable to breaking further.

Trust me also when I say you’re not alone. All around us are people who face make-or-break moments like you do, for all kinds of reasons and all kinds of situations.

Too many motivational quotes are floating around. They give you a little pinch in the cheek, tell you you’re going to be okay.

What really works is simply writing out your projected net-worth, projected salary, projected income, and expected lifestyle that follows. No, don’t stop at dreaming it all up in your head. Pick up that pen and write it down. Studies have shown that this does a wonderfully positive psychological trick to uplift your mood and spirits. This uplifting will give you the extra push and strength to believe that you will get to your goal, that you will have financial security, and perhaps more importantly, that you are going to be okay.

There are going to be many things that will attempt to chip your self-worth away: layoffs, contracting illnesses, family tragedy, a failed business, etc. Yes, it is daunting now. But the main point is that you are indeed more worth that you are presently aware of. You have it in you to achieve financial freedom, security, and success.

Don’t ever allow yourself to lose your self-worthiness, your dignity, your pride in yourself and your life. If you fall into the “break”, rest, and pick yourself back up again.

Posted by:Cherie

Financial Planner and Tech Consultant