About Me

Frequently vacillating between bubbly bursts of laughter and general ennui.

A Tech & Finance Geek: Associate Wealth Planner (AWPCM) & Founder 


As a certified Associate Wealth Planner, I specialise in holistic financial planning for women wellness and business owners.

Outside of the financial planning world, I’m also M.D at Mogul Tech International, a design agency I founded in 2015 that is based in sunny Singapore.


I frequently contribute to Clarity Is Wealth, and am an advocate for holistic financial planning for women of the 21st century.

I believe financial diagnosis and planning is just as important as getting regular health checkups, so I try to blog about financial planning and life for the most part, but you get tic-tacs of my life and introspection of the human species sprinkled here and there.