About Cherie Tan

Here’s My Story

I’ve always stood out as the black sheep of the family as a child. I followed my interests – not the crowd. I stood up for my values, instead of agreeing with the majority. This stuck with me throughout my life – I never took the ordinary route. I started freelancing at the age of 14, when people on Neopets started noticing how my Neopet’s pages looked really great – and they wanted one for their Neopets. This obsession of making perfect-looking, well-functioning websites became a revenue-making gig for me. I was getting clients from all around the world to build websites for their personal use or businesses.

Eventually, the demand was so overwhelming that I had to hire people to help me out. Through this process of starting and running my own business, I’ve made plenty of mistakes and overcame multiple personal and business challenges that shaped me to who I am today. By the time I was 23, I was running a full-service digital agency helping entrepreneurs and professionals start, build, and launch their online businesses. I also started getting a ton of requests from people for online consultations to help them with their online businesses. I was making more than enough to travel freely around the world, and work at my own schedule and time.

I know – it sounds so easy. But actually, it wasn’t that easy, or picturesque, and neither was it a fairytale.

I tried and tested and failed many times. Tears, frustration, and nights spent wide awake feeling a familiar crippling anxiety – I’ve experienced them, too. I’m also a soft-spoken, shy, and quiet person. I had to put myself out there, as difficult as it was for a young and shy Asian woman, and speak to large crowds, guide a professional who’s thrice my age, and manage business relationships. I’ve experienced the imposter syndrome, and many highly unpleasant potential clients.

Through this all, I’ve learned to manage my physical and mental health as an entrepreneur, and actively share this with my community, followers and friends. I find much joy in doing so, and want to be able to help people who’re starting their businesses for the first time. I tell them what they need to hear – but never in a mean or insulting way: that’s not the kind of person I want to see reflected in the mirror.

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"There are two categories that people generally fall in to: the ones who think online businesses are ridiculously easy to start and run, and the other group of people who think it's the complete opposite: online businesses are too complicated and requires too much effort upfront to start.

Neither are correct - it falls in a nice, sweet spot: between the two ends of the spectrum.

An online business, no matter how easy it seems or attractive the #laptopLifestyle may be, is still a business after all. You need to work smart, and work hard. And, as difficult as it may seem to build and run, it's not actually that complicated. You just need the right person to guide you, and the right team to build the online business ecosystem for you."

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"Education is one of the most interesting industries for innovation, no matter how slow the adoption rate is. With the advancements of technology, quality education can be more accessible. This is I want to achieve with Weevur, a platform designed to facilitate knowledge and skills exchange: Close the widening education gap around the world."

Your life can be a fulfilling one, even with your 9-5. I’d love to show you how.

I can help you if..


  • You’re ready to embrace ideas, and go beyond focusing merely and solely on the financial returns.
  • You’re already successful in your career, and have domain expertise, but you feel constricted, and want to be able to tap on your other creative sets of skills by building your first online business.
  • You’re hesitant about becoming an entrepreneur because you are not a high-risk taker (you don’t have to be!)
  • You’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and limiting beliefs on who you are, and what you can be.

Care to be personal?

Fun Facts About Me
  • Born in Singapore, raised as a global citizen.
  • I’m someone who found speaking to a crowd of people the an incredibly intimidating thing to do – the sort that would shake nervously and get stage-frights. Now, I’m redefining what it means to be a self-starter who will step out of her comfort zone willingly in order to learn and grow, a “dare-to-do” person, and a successful entrepreneur.
  • I’m learning how to speak, write and read Japanese and Spanish. I speak Mandarin Chinese fairly fluently.
  • I really like to teach. You’ll find me volunteering most of my time teaching kids from unfortunate families, and youths who are at a disadvantage, skills in coding, design, and digital marketing.
  • My background in programming, digital marketing, design, and copywriting gave me a pretty good head-start in life.
  • I’m spending my free time building a pet project – Weevur, a platform deigned to facilitate skills and knowledge exchange. I want to take my passion in education along with my skills, and transform it into something that can help people around the world gain access to better education.

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