Start your Freelance Career or Digital Agency

(No skills required)

Dreamed about working remotely, and living that laptop lifestyle?

Among the bunch of stuff that I’m working on – my side projects in education, my volunteer work – I’m also running a remote digital agency offering consultancy and digital services, helping entrepreneurs around the world build and grow their businesses. It started with a simple obsession with a virtual pet game, Neopets. Freelancing as a web designer and developer, I grew my presence, brand, and reach globally and started taking on more web-related projects. Soon, the number of design and development projects started to increase beyond my bandwidth. I was still studying at a vocational school then and had an insurmountable number of tasks and assignments to complete – which lead me to finding capable, talented self-starters to work together with me on projects so I could keep up with the demand.

Eventually, I found myself leading the remote team through projects in launching and growing all kinds of businesses – from travel sites, brand new e-commerce concepts, to community-driven businesses. This has been one of the most exciting and challenging phases of my life.

Running a business that I can manage and grow remotely has offered so much flexibility and opportunities to pursue other work of my interest. With tools we can use for remote consultancy work (such as GoToMeeting), project management tools (Jira, Trello), and scheduling tools like Calendly, it’s not that difficult to build an agency from scratch.

I’m here to help you do the same: build and run your freelance career or a digital agency, even if you don’t have the marketing skills, without having to quit your 9-5.

There’s zero cost (in terms of money) to get started, except your time (which is also valuable) to watch a short webinar presentation.


What do I need to do?

Sign up here, and you’ll be emailed the link to a package which consists of a webinar, as well as a step-by-step guide on how you can get started.

What do I need to pay?

About 10 minutes of your time for the webinar, a couple of minutes going through the guide I’ve prepared for you, and some time planning out whether you want to approach this as a freelance career or a creative agency. That’s about it.

Sounds super suspect - I don't believe anything comes free.

Me neither. Nothing comes free. I’m not going to make dollars in your bank appear overnight.

How much you earn out of a freelance/digital agency gig is still your responsibility – not mine.

So then what is this all about?

I’m giving you the toolkit to start a career as a freelancer / digital agency owner. You don’t need to learn digital marketing, coding, or any sort of skill. It’s all pre-packaged for you. You don’t need to fulfil the work – you just need to run the business.

I live in XXX, can I still do this?

Yes, absolutely. I’ve helped freelancers and business owners from around the world build their freelance careers and digital agencies. Whether you’re located in Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, or Toronto, you can do the same, too.

Get Your Package Here:

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