"Ready, Fire, Aim!"

- Paul McCarthy

In a previous post, I mentioned having a plan as one of the key tips to a successful remote working lifestyle. I’d like to elaborate on this point and build on the post.


Designing your life and planning it out gives you a good idea of where you want to see yourself in the next couple of years and your ultimate life goals. You’re able to then break them down into smaller, bite-sized goals to take on, one step at a time. Doing it this way helps prevent you from feeling overwhelmed, and from potentially falling apart because of the crippling anxiety that hits you hard each time you think about having to make huge leaps to conquer your life’s biggest challenges and goals.

When I emphasized on having a plan, I meant having a roadmap you are continually reviewing and making changes to. Think about this plan as a draft you’re refining each day. You count on it to make better choices in the future, reflect on your progress, and remind you to remain open to opportunities that you may not yet see coming your way. I don’t mean sticking with that one path you’ve planned for yourself, closing yourself off to other opportunities that may come your way, or unexpected changes that you need to make.



So stop ruminating and obsessively planning out the what-ifs before giving anything a go. You never know what kind of paths will open up to you if you never grasp hold of those opportunities out there – opportunities to speak at an event, join a networking event, help someone out, or promote yourself. You won’t discover things if you don’t seek to uncover them.

When it comes to starting an online business, we find ourselves feeling the echo chamber effect very often. We’re always questioning ourselves if we’re ready, if we’ve got the right people, and if we’ve got everything all planned out.

Here’s the truth: you will always be questioning yourself. You will never take the exact steps you’ve planned out to reach your goal. And, there will always be surprises along the way – both pleasant and unpleasant ones.

Make room for that, and accept that these things are just a part of the entrepreneurship journey. It is part of starting and running a business.



It’s good that you have a roadmap you’ve written down and an end goal in mind, and it’s true that you need that. But along with it, you also need to be adaptable: embrace uncertainty and change.

You’ll learn to accept being uncomfortable because that’s how you’ll grow.

You’re never going to be a great leader if you don’t give yourself a chance at leading something or someone or some people. You can’t be a great leader by reading books on leadership but never actually put yourself out there and give yourself the opportunity to lead something.

So get ready, fire, then aim!

The Ready,Fire, Aim quote is championed by Paul McCarthy and Michael Masterson.

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