Real World Problems & Goals

I’ve heard from so many women that they have a different approach to financial planning (insurance, investment, wealth preservation, etc.) than men.

What matters most to her is the achievement of her financial goals, goals that work for her unique life and career plans, where such career and life plans affect one’s ability to earn and capacity to preserve and grow one’s wealth.

Working with me and being a part of the #WomenOfWealth journey, you won’t find generic advice:

✔️ Instead, you’ll discover a robust, thoughtful financial planning approaches that considers every factor unique to your life, from affordability to career trajectories, family planning and ideal retirement lifestyle.

✔️ I work with female professional nutritionists, doctors and lawyers, who will be able to provide value-added services to my female clientele through every stage of their life: from single-hood, marriage, divorce, and retirement.

The #WomenWealthJourney Approach:

● Developing an overview of your financial trajectory and timeline to identify financial needs and financial goals.

● Asset allocation and investment selection

● Wealth preservation and insurance portfolio planning

● Realistic forecasts, ongoing portfolio management and financial reviews

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