❣️ Pledge up to S$600 of your cash payout to help someone in need

Supporting Singaporean Women in Need

On 14th April 2020, nearly every Singaporean will receive S$600 Cash Payout from the Solidarity Budget.

About #Sgdashofhope

What Is It & Who Benefits?

Pooling together and pledging the full or partial S$600 cash payout to purchase products / goods / food / services to help Singaporean women and families in dire need of help and assistance.

Will I need to transfer you S$600?

No. I and my team will be co-ordinating a list of items and services from these women and families in need. We will inform interested supporters of the items / services needed and location of delivery.

How You Can Help:

Send me an email at dashofhope@cherietan.com expressing your interest in using all or some of the S$600 cash payout you have received on 14th April 2020 to purchase products / food / service to help women and families in need.

Do I need to use all of the S$600 to participate and help?

No. Any amount of support you can contribute will be immensely helpful. It could be buying a family 2 tins of baby milk powder or purchasing for a family their grocery needs for the week.

The Message

On 14th April, most Singaporeans receive S$600 cash payout from the Government as part of the Solidarity Budget drawn to combat the COVID crisis that has swept through our country and the rest of the world like a dreadful, crushing storm.

To some of us, the S$600 can help put some eggs, fish, and rice on our tables. It could help us purchase a couple more tins of milk powder, or a larger bowl of soup noodles to feed our hungry child’s stomach. It could buy someone a bottle of medication they need, mend a broken part of a child’s laptop, so she can continue her home-based learning, or pay off rent.

To the rest of us, it makes little difference in our lives.

Perhaps we can buy a new pair of shoes, a set of gym equipment to keep us busy during the circuit breaker period in 2020. These are “good to haves”, not immediate, dire needs. If this is you, if you won’t have an immediate need for this S$600 cash payout, if you’re comfortable at home with all your basic necessities met, remember that there are so many others in Singapore who’re struggling to gain a bit of that peace which you feel and find solace in.

The ones who need an additional S$600 really have a need for it:

They are single mothers who have lost their jobs and have children to feed. They are young graduates who are in dire need of a job to support sick and disabled parents. There are vulnerable families with young children in need of supplies.

These are people who could find a little more comfort and peace in this turbulent time with our small act of kindness.

To have hope and faith in this devastating period of time is not easy. If you’re able to give that little spark of hope in someone’s life with your S$600 (all or a portion of it – see FAQ above), please send me an email at dashofhope@cherietan.com.

Photo taken in Edinburgh, 2014.

My name is Cherie and I am a private wealth consultant. My work has seen me through helping people gain clarity and confidence in their personal finance, and as such, it brought about joy and peace into their lives.

I’m constantly dazzled by the resilience of human nature and the power that a dash of hope could bring to one’s life.

I’m pledging my S$600 to help women in need. Will you join me?

Let’s do good together.

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