Tailored Recommendations

The #WomenWealthJourney approach suggests how much you should contribute based on your financial profile, a gender-specific career path and salary curve, your goal targets (childbirth, weddings, retirement goals, etc).

Step 1: Tell us about your life.

Share a few key details about yourself — things like your career goals, industry, life goals, and money goals.

Step 2: Get your personalised wealth growth & preservation plan.

Your information will be used to develop a detailed financial projection and timeline. This chart will aid in designing your tailored wealth growth and wealth preservation plan.

Step 3: Start where you are.

Getting plans executed is key. At this stage, we put your plans into place to give you a peace of mind.

Step 4: Ongoing Review and Adjustments.

Comprehensive financial plans give you the confidence and clarity you need to charge ahead with certainty. Ongoing reviews and adjustments to your plans are always done, minimally, on a yearly basis to ensure the relevance of the plan and portfolio, and to give you the assurance that you are on-track with your financial goals.

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