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It’s not a gender issue. It’s a math issue.

As women, we…

✔️ WE TEND TO Outlive Men.

🙋‍♀️ Outcome: We need more retirement funds to last our lifetime as women

This male-female lifespan gap is not a new phenomenon; experts have known about it for decades. “This gender gap in life expectancy is true for all societies, and it is also true for the great apes,” says Dr. Perminder Sachdev, a professor of neuropsychiatry at the University of New South Wales in Australia who has studied human longevity.

In fact, the difference in lifespan has remained stable even throughout monumental shifts in society. Consider Sweden, which offers the most reliable historic records. In 1800, life expectancy at birth was 33 years for women and 31 years for men; today it is 83.5 years and 79.5 years, respectively. In both cases, women live about 5% longer than men. As one recent article put it: “This remarkably consistent survival advantage of women compared with men in early life, in late life, and in total life is seen in every country in every year for which reliable birth and death records exist. There may be no more robust pattern in human biology.”

✔️ WE Lead Different Kinds of Lives & Career Paths

🙋‍♀️Outcome: Halted / stunted career paths lead to earning significantly less in the long run; becoming the one in the family responsible for managing the family’s finances.

Child Birth & Child-Rearing:

Most women tend to want to give birth to and raise children – this requires significant emotional, mental, and physical energy. It also requires a large investment of a mother’s time, especially during the early years of childhood. As a result, she may compromise her career growth and ability to scale up the corporate ladder, leading to a decrease in one’s earnings.

Becoming Responsible of the Family’s Finances:

Most women also find themselves in the supporting position to the breadwinner of the family, and therefore responsible for managing the family’s finances. Without adequate finance and financial planning knowledge, women often are left unaware of the options available in the market to make the best choice possible for her family.

✔️ WE Suffer From Different Kinds of Illnesses.

🙋‍♀️Outcome: Consequences of being left unaware and unprotected from common female illnesses leave us exposed to detrimental aftermath effects on emotional, mental, and financial health.

Malignant and benign cancer of female sites (e.g. breast, uterus, ovary, cervix…etc) are incredibly common in Singapore. Cancer cases have been rising over the years. One in every 4 to 5 people in Singapore may develop cancer in their lifetime, and the number of people living with cancer will continue to increase. From 2011 to 2015, the most common cancer affecting men is colorectal cancer, while breast cancer is the top cancer for women in Singapore.NCSS Statistics, SG

Without proper education and awareness programs for female professionals, retiring women, mums and mums-to-be, prevention and damage control solutions cannot be implemented successfully. This leaves women exposed to the detrimental aftermath effects of financial drain (cancers treatments are not cheap!) and the toll it takes on our emotional and mental health (depression, etc.)

As women, our financial journey is unique and entirely different from that of a man. With this in mind, I decided to grow the #WomenWealthJourney movement to educate, protect, grow, and preserve the wealth of women I work with.

How #WomenWealthJourney Is Different:

I calculate financial goal targets to meet your specific needs, including a larger retirement target amount for your longer lifespan. 
I suggest how much you should contribute based on your financial profile, a gender-specific salary curve & your goal targets.
I use insights on your finances and gender to build investment portfolios to help you reach your goals or better in 70% of markets. 
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